Beyond comprehension to many, but for us the most beautiful part of our work: creating something out of the blue.

Right here we will present our creative projects, thoughts and future scenarios beyond our daily business in the following sectors:
research, interface design, voice & video, start ups.

The key point in Friedrich von Schiller´s letters 'On the Aesthetic Education of Man' is that art and culture enable us to become 'free and autonomous'. People involved in and surrounding themselves with aesthetics and such thus have the 'free space' for creativity, innovation and even revolution.

CRe-AM Survey


The EU commission would like to foster innovations and therefore needs a roadmap how creative people and the technology industry can be bridged together in a prosperous way. They need to know how creatives from various sectors work and what kind of future technologies they wish for. We do research for the sectors e-publishing and new media. But we record any answers we get from every creative sector.

To be continued.